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  1. Hi Phil
    I have really enjoyed your podcasts and have found them very helpful.
    I am a 23 year old man with a good job, good friends and generaly a great life. However I have never had a girlfriend and would very much like to increase my skills and confidence in this area. I am very confident and secure around pretty much everything apart from the time I am around girls I find attractive.
    It is really starting to feel like a burden and I feel like I am helpless and that I am wasting these valuable years in my life.
    Any tips or techniques to combat this anxiety would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again.

    1. Hi Dan. thanks for your comments; this would be a good subject to cover one to one with a practitioner, email me at and I’ll see who’s near to you.
      I’ll also think about how we can give you some tips within the podcasts
      P x

  2. Hi Phil,

    Great podcasts Phil – I really found them interesting.

    Can I ask you to send me the transcripts as I will it useful to read them over at my leisure.

    Keep up the good work. I would be very interested in hearing any future podcasts you create.

    Best wishes


  3. My understanding to date has been that if we cannot release and heal subconscious beliefs, and it can be quite a challenge to find out what they are, then really true healing of the mind and our habits and behaviour would not be possible, so is this incorrect?

    Secondly if someone’s issue is such that it would be impossible for them to attend a seminar, would it still be worthwhile for them to purchase GET THE LIFE YOU LOVE NOW? Many Thanks.

    1. Hi Jane, yes beliefs are very important to recognise, and as they often appear to be facts, it is quite a skill, luckily the book considers good ways to do this.
      Attending a seminar: firstly it would depend on what the issues were; more series health and mental wellbeing ones are best dealt with under the care of a practitioner rather than a book… if people are unable to attend seminars then very often practitioners will work out how they could teach it at the client’s home

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